intel: add2/sdvo cards with CX25905 supported?

Riku Hintukainen riku at
Thu Nov 29 04:48:31 PST 2007

HP has a new, atleast to me, add2 card (RZ585AA) with DVI-I and tv-out

Here is an another document, that says this same card has VGA and tv-out

It seems to be using Conexant CX25905 chip, This chip isn't mentioned
anywhere in driver source tree. Google has this Conexant document (from
2004) in it's cache, that says:
"Windows and Linux drivers, created by Intel in consultation with
Conexant supporting the CX25900 series and its many display options,
will be available for evaluation and prototyping with these devices."
So I'm a little confused. Has anybody tested these cards? They aren't
listed in the wiki. I don't have this card, so I haven't tested it
myself. I don't even know if I can buy one yet. Should all add2 cards
just work, or do they need support in the driver?


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