intel: add2/sdvo cards with CX25905 supported?

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Thu Nov 29 08:35:30 PST 2007

On Nov 29, 2007 7:48 AM, Riku Hintukainen <riku at> wrote:
> HP has a new, atleast to me, add2 card (RZ585AA) with DVI-I and tv-out
> outputs:
> Here is an another document, that says this same card has VGA and tv-out
> outputs:
> It seems to be using Conexant CX25905 chip, This chip isn't mentioned
> anywhere in driver source tree. Google has this Conexant document (from
> 2004) in it's cache, that says:
> "Windows and Linux drivers, created by Intel in consultation with
> Conexant supporting the CX25900 series and its many display options,
> will be available for evaluation and prototyping with these devices."
> So I'm a little confused. Has anybody tested these cards? They aren't
> listed in the wiki. I don't have this card, so I haven't tested it
> myself. I don't even know if I can buy one yet. Should all add2 cards
> just work, or do they need support in the driver?

ADD2 cards should just work as they all provide a standard interface,
however the driver need support for the different sdvo card types.
Currently, I think TMDS and VGA DACs should work, there was a patch
for LVDS support, but I'm not sure what the status of tv-out is.


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