FW: question about running firefox without Xorg and desktop software

郭哲君 (chechun_kuo) chechun_kuo at sis.com
Thu Nov 29 10:07:52 PST 2007

Dear Friend:

>You can try kdrive, it shouldn't be as big

I know there is a config  file about building TinyX, located at xc/config/cf/TinyX.cf

But I cannot find the same file in xorg 6.8.2.

Does that mean I cannot build TinyX under xorg?


I have ever failed to build the Xfree86 under 2.6.xx and as far as I know it seems been fixed after 4.4.0, which is due to some keyboard setting, etc.

If I use TinyX build from Xfree86, suppose I cannot get it from Xorg, will it smoothly running under the latest KDE?

If it is so, the application layout still looks like below


>       FIREFOX

> -------------------------   

>       KDE (window manager)

> --------------------------

>       TinyX +FB

> ---------------------

The only benefits I get are having a smaller Xserver and having a smaller combination than below 


>       FIREFOX

> -------------------------   

>       Gtk 


>       directFB


In my opinion, the firefox seems must have a windows manager to run on.

If it is really so, DirectFB+gtk seems will be smaller than KDE+TinyX+FB.


Appreciate your help,



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