FW: question about running firefox without Xorg and desktop software

Tiago Vignatti vignatti at c3sl.ufpr.br
Thu Nov 29 10:26:20 PST 2007


郭哲君 (chechun_kuo) escreveu:
> Dear Friend:
>>You can try kdrive, it shouldn't be as big
> I know there is a config  file about building TinyX, located at 
> xc/config/cf/TinyX.cf
> But I cannot find the same file in xorg 6.8.2.
> Does that mean I cannot build TinyX under xorg?
> I have ever failed to build the Xfree86 under 2.6.xx and as far as I 
> know it seems been fixed after 4.4.0, which is due to some keyboard 
> setting, etc.
> If I use TinyX build from Xfree86, suppose I cannot get it from Xorg, 
> will it smoothly running under the latest KDE?

You must use the git repository at freedesktop.org [0]. The last and 
updated bits of TinyX implementation (which now is called kdrive) is 
there inside xserver tree. Use the modular developers guide [1] to see 
how to compile and install this correctly (tip: set "--enable-kdrive" to 
autoconf). You'll probably want to see the kdrive [2] wiki page also 
(disclaimer: not so updated).


[0] http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/
[1] http://www.x.org/wiki/ModularDevelopersGuide
[2] http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Xserver

Tiago Vignatti
C3SL - Centro de Computação Científica e Software Livre

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