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Khashayar Naderehvandi khashayar.lists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 14:33:50 PST 2007

> Hm, well it might just be that you have an unsupported platform.  Some
> laptops
> (notably Thinkpads) have their own backlight controllers that aren't wired
> up
> to the GPU registers at all.  In the Thinkpad case there's a kernel driver
> you can load to get access to the backlight.

Yep, I guessed that I might have ended up with some unsupported platform.
Any ideas how I can help the developers change it into supported? :-) What
information is needed, and where should I file it? (As I think I mentioned
earlier, this is fujitsu-siemens lifebook p7010).

> Have you looked around for an out-of-tree kernel module that supports the
> extra features of your lifebook?  If one exists, it may have
> a /sys/class/backlight interface that the Intel driver can use...

I have looked around for a module but haven't been able to find anything of
use. If anyone has a similar machine and have found an out-of-tree kernel
module, please do tell!

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