Intel GM965 tearing/vsync problems with XVideo

Martin Blatter mblatter at
Fri Nov 30 13:00:23 PST 2007


I'm using an AOpen MiniPC with GM965 / X3100 graphics as HTPC.

Video playback with mplayer using the OpenGL video output and
vblank_mode set to 3 in ~/.drirc is smooth and exhibits no
tearing. In contrast, playback with the xv output is not
in sync with vblank and suffers from the tearing problem.

Unfortunately, mythtv's frontend insists on using xv for TV
playback which makes watching TV recordings a little painful.

I understand that the X3100 chip does not have an overlay,
so xv is actually using textured video and there is no
fallback to port 89.

Is there currently a way or a workaround to get tearing-free
video with xv on the GM965?

Or are there any plans to make textured video sync to vblank
by default?

My setup:
xorg server 1.4
xf86-driver-intel 2.2.0
Mesa 7.1.0

Thanks in advance

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