Issues with Touchpad and X shutdown

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Mon Oct 1 13:55:26 PDT 2007

(none) schrieb:
> Because of another problem I upgraded my X11 to 7.3, but encountered
> several other problems along the way.
> I hope someone can help me sort this out:
> 1. Since the upgrade, the synaptics driver leaves my touchpad dead, it
> doesn't react in any way. Without the driver, the touchpad works, but
> without a scroll bar on the right side, which had worked with Xorg 7.2.
> 2. When I end Xorg, e.g. to reboot or change the runlevel, the
> background image of the desktop remains on the screen, with some
> distortion at the lower border. But the Laptop shuts down fine, so the
> system is not crashing (like in the other thread which lead to this,
> Specs:
> Samsung X20 laptop
> intel 915 graphics
> gentoo Linux
> kernel 2.6.22
> xorg.conf and Xorg.log are attached.
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Reply to self:
I solved the Touchpad issue, but the screen freezing still remains.
I tried a fresh configuration, and the sreen froze on shutdown. (The
Computer still rebooted fine, I just got the background image till it

I disabled DRI, and as a result the computer crashed on shutdown, with
the beforementioned grey blocks on the otherwise black screen.
But unlike before, I am using Xorg 7.3 now.
What the hell is going on?
A clue, anyone?

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