Kensington Expert Mouse (trackball) Enhanced functions

Donald Hellen donald.hellen at
Mon Oct 1 15:03:32 PDT 2007

I have a Kensington Expert Mouse 5.0, which is actually a trackball. Unlike
the very latest ones, it does not have a scroll ring. It has 4 buttons which
I'll call left, right, top left, and top right. The left and right work as a
normal mouse. The other two have no funtion in Linux using the stock mouse

The driver for Windows allows it to be programmed for any of a number of
functions for each button. When I used Windows, I had one of the top buttons
work as a click-lock and one made the ball work as a scroll wheel would.

I thought that there would be a Linux driver out there somewhere but there
doesn't appear to be any.

I am running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on a desktop computer, stock kernel, nothing
wild or crazy.

A friend told me about this list and suggested I try searching the archives
first, then post here for some help. I found nothing in the archives so here
I am, hoping that someone knows what I'm talking about and can be of some

I am not afraid to modify the xorg.conf file, which will no doubt be
involved in making the upper two buttons do something worthwhile. I've even
trashed that file and had to boot to a Knoppix disk to get to where I could
restore my backup file.

I do want to mention that the typical answer in the Ubuntu forums is not
useful at all. It, too, involves a re-write of the mouse section of
xorg.conf and does nothing. I have the same functionality with or without
the changes.

I haven't compiled anything successfully in Ubuntu (yet) but if it takes
that, I will learn what I need to in order to get some enhanced features
from this trackball. So if there is a driver ou there somewhere and it's not
in a .deb package format, I'll do some learning to get it compiled and
installed. If it's in RPM format, I can deal with that using Alien.

So, can anyone here help me with this?
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