Question on Dual-Head/TwinView Configuration with intel/i810 driver

Rick Romero rick at
Thu Oct 4 10:28:47 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 16:40 +0100, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Michael Duelli wrote:
> > yes, this is the official manual. It describes only a bigdesktop 
> > solution, but not how to configure TwinView :-)
> AFAIK, "TwinView" is the name nvidia gave to their Xinerama-esque
> implementation so it wont be available in any other driver other than
> nvidia.
> What do you want to do? Are you looking to have two separate display
> numbers (e.g. DISPLAY=0.1 and DISPLAY=0.2?) and not be able to drag
> windows between them (although let the pointer move between them)?
> If so this is a multiple screen system (I think my terminology is
> correct - please someone correct me!).
> I am not sure how this config is supported in the new randr 1.2 world.
> I'm not overly sure as to why one would want it either but that is
> another point..... :)

I Do!  This widescreen is driving me nuts! In one 'mode' I prefer to
have a browser on my right side, which I may need to read and apply to
whatever I'm working on on the left side.  Since I may have multiple
projects open on the left, I'd prefer to not have multiple browsers open
on the right.

Also, while I may not need the reference on the right, I may want to
'keep an eye' on something that's running, while being able to move
around freely on the left (email, opera, ssh, rdesktops)   

I may combine both.  I might need help with some code, and I need to
source the web and IRC.  More than likely, I'll either be working the
web or IRC - so that's fine on two virtual desktops on the right - but
not both at the same time.   I'll still need what I'm ACTUALLY working
on to be on the left.

Make sense?

It does look like my screens are crisper with the new drivers and randr
- but the layout is just not how I work :(

I'm under the impression multiple local displays, 0.1 and 0.2 aren't
going to be working with the latest Xorg (mine broke with my last debian
unstable update), and I'm hoping it will again....

I've have to add as well that changing one screens virtual desktop when
reading fark and those probably nsfw posts is much less of an attention
grabber than both screens :P

Rick (mga driver)

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