Question on Dual-Head/TwinView Configuration with intel/i810 driver

Michael Duelli m.duelli at
Fri Oct 5 02:20:02 PDT 2007

Michael Duelli schrieb:
> Chase Douglas schrieb:
>> I also run Gentoo and have no issues with xinerama, but have seen this 
>> before. The one gotcha is that you need to enable the xinerama USE 
>> flag. Make sure it is in /etc/make.conf so it's used for every build. 
>> You can check if you currently have it enabled in your installed 
>> packages by running "equery u <package>". Try gtk+ or qt if you like. 
>> You should see it marked with two "+" symbols in front.
>> If xinerama doesn't show with "+"'s, add it to the USE var in 
>> /etc/make.conf and issue "emerge --newuse world" along with whatever 
>> other emerge flags you normally use. This will make sure that all the 
>> packages have xinerama support.
>> Thanks
> Hi,
> you are right, I am using Gentoo and I did not take care of the xinerama 
> flag. :-(
> Possibly it will take some hours to recompile these packages. I will 
> tell you tomorrow whether it worked or not.

Finally, it is working. In a nutshell, it was the lack of the xinerama 
use flag.

I can now use the configuration provided by Intel and just added

Option "Position" "0 0"


Option "Position "1280 0"

to the monitor sections.

Thank you very much.


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