backslash escaping shift key?

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Thu Oct 11 14:43:28 PDT 2007

martin f krafft schrieb:
> I recently ran into a curiousity on my Debian unstable ( 7.3)
> system: if I run through the following key press sequence at
> moderate speed (about as fast as you can say one-two-three), the
> shift key seems to lose its meaning:
>   press \
>   release \
>   press <shift>
>     press d
>     release d
>   release <shift>
> You'd expect the result to be \D, right? That's what I get if I do
> it slowly, but if I do it quickly, I get \d.
> It seems as if the \, in addition to being printed, *also*
> annihilates the meaning of the shift key.

This shouldn't happen.

> Is this a bug or a feature? If the latter, where can I read more
> about it and how can I turn it off?
> Btw: xset r rate 255 47 is in effect.

I thought, that the keyboard controllers (at least the classic PS/2 ones)
only support _some_ fixed values as 250ms delay and 30 characters per second.
(The same as the ones you can choose as in the BIOS Setup).

Did you try to set them to standard values?

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