Glucose status/instructions request, (and notes on stale branches)

Christoph Brill egore at
Wed Oct 17 14:18:39 PDT 2007

Am Mittwoch, den 17.10.2007, 10:54 -0700 schrieb Carl Worth:
> In general, if branches are still useful for something, by all means
> let's leave them around, (preferably with descriptive names[1]). But
> if branches are obsolete, can people please remove them? For example,
> xserver has 67 branches and xf86-video-intel has 57 branches. Surely
> these aren't all active[2].

This is a really important point (at least to me). I think it would be
really helpful to remove obsolete branches for many subprojects. I
commonly look at xf86-video-ati and there are branches that haven't been
touched in 4 years. Or mesa which has branches that weren't touched in 8

Is there a common guideline on how to:
a) find out a branch is obsolete and not a single bit of it is
b) porpose branches for removal?

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