Glucose status/instructions request, (and notes on stale branches)

Carl Worth cworth at
Wed Oct 17 15:29:19 PDT 2007

On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 08:13:14 +1000, "Dave Airlie" wrote:
> It would be nice if git supported an obsoleted branches store, so the
> branches wouldn't propogate but could be looked at later if
> required....

That's why I'd like the time-limited "git branch" thing.

> Does working in personal repos allow for shared work? (not that with
> git you really require it..) I would think playing with the group
> perms would be okay..

Yes, group permissions could be used, (and the easiest way to get that
right is "git init --shared" in the first place).

But like you say, there's no need for this. Mutual pulling from each
other's personal repositories works great.

And if anyone isn't yet familiar with the "git remote" support in git
1.5, this is a great chance to learn it. First, make sure you're using
git 1.5 and then do an initial clone of the central repository.

Then if there's another person you would like to interact with, (say
airlied), then run something like the following command. (This is an
example I pulled from my history today.)

	git remote add airlied git://

Then, any time I want to synch up with any of David's work I do:

	git fetch airlied

I can see all of David's branches with:

	git branch -r | grep airlied

And I can base my own branch off of an existing branch with:

	git checkout -b my-branch --track airlied/his-branch

This last command is also useful for basing work off of branches in
the central repository (though we're talking about moving away from
those here), with:

	git checkout -b my-branch --track origin/some-branch

The --track thing means that when you're on my-branch and you do "git
pull" it does exactly the right thing. This is quite lovely as older
versions of git did extremely stupid things in this situation.

And there's a configuration option to make that --track behavior
happen by default, but I can't remember what it is, (and I think the
default should be changed upstream at least for whenever the branch
being based-off-of is a remote-tracking branch).

> Definitely working in personal repos is the way to go until you are
> ready to merge, the number of branches in my personal repos that were
> dead ends and blind alleys but I'm glad I've got them documented for
> later viewings but wouldn't want to clutter up the main repos..

Hear, hear.

A bunch of the branches in the central tree probably even predate the
move to git where there wasn't even a possibility of doing "personal
repositories" with cvs.

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