AMD/ATI doc question

Jerome Glisse glisse at
Wed Oct 17 17:05:06 PDT 2007

Pat Kane wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to grok the AMD/ATI document at
> from the bottom up.
> The introduction says that register address(es)
> are given in the form:
>   [aperName:offset]   etc.
> And I see that the first memory control register
> is specified as:
>   MC_SEQ_CNTL - RW - 32 bits - [GpuF0MMReg:0x2600]
> Can any one explain what "aperName" and "GpuF0MMReg"
> are and how to find out more info about them?
aperName stands for aperture name see
I believe that all aperName with a MM in it refer to MMIO address
space of the card. So GpuF0MM is just a name and you shouldn't
pay too much attention to it. We don't have more docs beside ones
on the dri & xorg website (make sure you check both wiki are there
is valuable informations on them).

> Also, in Appendix A the tables that claim to be
> sorted by address are not really sort by the
> numerical value of the address, looks more like
> the lexical value of the address (i.e  0x2 is
> next to 0x2C)
This docs have likely been autogenerated from some others
files by a dumb generator :)

Jerome Glisse

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