lockup after VT switch with intel driver

Peter Clifton pcjc2 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 24 07:11:20 PDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 15:57 +0200, Willi Mann wrote:
> Hi!
> With latest git, I still get lockups on 855GM. There are two types:
> - One is a complete system freeze, even a remote ssh session is frozen.
> I don't know what triggers it, because occurs about 1 in 10 switches to
> VT. It seems to occur much more likely when I run the notebook on
> battery. Is there any way to find at least the failing component (drm?)?

If its the same bugs as we found and chased in Ubuntu, then the hard
lock on VT freeze is one of two sets of registers being programmed
during mode switch. The palette registers fix is now in git.


> - The other one can clearly be triggered by playing some video with XV.
> NO matter how long I wait, the next VT switch (also when I logout) will
> cause lockup and because of a segfault in some xserver code, there is a
> backtrace as attached.

A possible fix for that: (Although perhaps not, given your backtrace)

The jury is still out as to whether these fixes are workarounds, or
fixes (and no-one has replied on the mailing list for many of the ones I
posted), but give them a try and see if they help.

A few remaining ones:
And something which might be relevant in the Mandriva version:
(With the corresponding change log entry: "prevents the driver from
doing operations when we do not have the VT lock")


Peter Clifton

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