Tablet to screen coordinate conversion (again)

Magnus Vigerlöf Magnus.Vigerlof at
Sun Oct 28 01:07:23 PDT 2007

On söndag 28 oktober 2007, Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:
> I'm left with another issue, but I'm not sure it's related: when using
> the calligraphic pen in Inkscape I get a very 'blotched' line, as if
> 'full-pressure' blobs were inserted along the way. I'm not sure wether
> this is an Inkscape or driver bug though. It sort of looks like a lot
> of 'button 0' events are inserted along the way. And I can't test what
> happens with xinput because for some odd reason xinput list <device>
> is the only thing that works (xinput test or anything else claims they
> can't find the device).

Fwiw, drawing in Gimp with my Wacom Volito 2 gives me a very nice line with 
varying blackness as I press the stylus harder but without said blotches.

> > As the linuxwacom driver must be able to support many versions of both
> > and XFree86, we're stuck with the #ifdef's...
> I have no idea if there is anyone using my driver on XFree86, so I
> just check the version against 1.4.0 ... maybe it's not the wisest
> thing but it works :P

If there is a need for a fix on an older version I think they'll ask.. Until 


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