second monitor often wakes up after 'xset dpms force off'

Jay Cotton Jay.Cotton at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 30 09:48:16 PDT 2007

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Tomas Carnecky wrote:
>> I have two monitors and if I use 'xset dpms force off' the second
>> monitor (Samsung SyncMaster on CRT-1) most of the time wakes up after
>> less than a second. I have to try a few times (up to 15 times this
>> morning!) until is works (=both monitors turn off).
> Try "sleep 1; xset dpms force off" - I find that just typing
> 'xset dpms force off', even on single screen systems often
> doesn't work because when the command is processed when you
> press the Return key down, and most computers these days are
> fast enough to have finished before you've let go of the return
> key and have processed the KeyRelease event, so the KeyRelease
> triggers as a new input event to wake up the screens again.
good catch.  I was thinking about mouse jitter.


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