xf86-video-intel component output not working

Martin Forget mforget at mtotelecom.com
Tue Oct 30 10:11:17 PDT 2007

we are testing with the git version of the xf86-video-intel driver on  
intel GMA950 chipsets (on a945 i945GTt-VFA
  board from Aopen)

we are experiencing issues with component output (through the break- 
out cable )

setting the TV_MODE with xrandr1.2 works for 720p and 1080i works,
(we still have the choice of xorg resolution)

having a resolution < 1024x768 works,

but trying to use 1280x720 resolution on a 720p output does not work.
same for 1920x540 on the 1080i output.

actually, any resolution higher than 1024x768 does not work on the TV  

this does not seem to be a hardware or bios limitation as the same  
function works perfectly on windows.

the actual symtom is that we see the right most 1/3 of the image on  
the left most 1/3 of the screen  and the rest is black.
sounds like a monitor frequency issue.

does anyone has a suggestion?

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