Intel 82855GME Drivers

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Tue Sep 11 06:52:32 PDT 2007


  I'm working on a project which requires 3D rendering with Linux
RedHawk 4.1.  I came across your site on Linux graphics drivers.  We
currently have an integrated Intel 82855GME chipset for our graphics
acceleration.  We have enabled the Direct Rendering Manager in our
Xorg.conf load file for Linux, but we're seeing very unstable results.
According to the Redhawk 4.1 installation guide, it recommends not
enabling Direct Rending, as it causes system instability.  We have tried
the i830 driver and the i915 driver so far and have not had any success.
We're also noticing that when we run our test applications with direct
rendering on, that it has the ability to turn it off without rebooting
or reconfiguring the kernel.  Has anyone found any additional
information on not enabling direct rendering with 4.1?  Has anyone ever
seen direct rendering turn itself on and off without a reboot?  Is there
anyone who can give ideas on anything to get our hardware to work with
our Linux RedHawk OS?  Any and all ideas are welcome.  However, please
excuse my lack of Linux knowledge as this is my first project with
Linux.  I appreciate any help and ideas.


Thank You! :-)


~Karen M Erickson~-


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