Intel 82855GME Drivers

Raúl Sánchez Siles rasasi78 at
Tue Sep 11 14:22:39 PDT 2007

Erickson, Karen M wrote:

> Hi,
>   I'm working on a project which requires 3D rendering with Linux
> RedHawk 4.1.  I came across your site on Linux graphics drivers.  We
> currently have an integrated Intel 82855GME chipset for our graphics
> acceleration.  We have enabled the Direct Rendering Manager in our
> Xorg.conf load file for Linux, but we're seeing very unstable results.
> According to the Redhawk 4.1 installation guide, it recommends not
> enabling Direct Rending, as it causes system instability.
This all depends on what Xorg server version and intel driver version is
available there. I can tell you that i855 does support DRI. The stability
depends on an amount of factors like xserver, parameters, system you run it
on, etc...

> We have tried 
> the i830 driver and the i915 driver so far and have not had any success.
I think you are talking about Linux kernel drivers, those are important but
it's not the only piece of SW you will need. I think i830 is deprecated in
favour of i915.

> We're also noticing that when we run our test applications with direct
> rendering on, that it has the ability to turn it off without rebooting
> or reconfiguring the kernel.  Has anyone found any additional
> information on not enabling direct rendering with 4.1?
You are coming to upstream, so possible little people here will know about
your exact distro problems.

> Has anyone ever 
> seen direct rendering turn itself on and off without a reboot?
I think it's possible using driconf.
> Is there 
> anyone who can give ideas on anything to get our hardware to work with
> our Linux RedHawk OS?
What hardware?

> Any and all ideas are welcome.  However, please 
> excuse my lack of Linux knowledge as this is my first project with
> Linux.  I appreciate any help and ideas.
For such a generic question a lot of info should be provided. I suggest
asking first on #yourdistro or a mailing list related to it and then come
here with specific xorg problems.

> > 
> Thank You! :-)
You're welcome

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