Virtual desktop doesn't work anymore

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The another name is panning mode?

Yes, I think so.

With randr1.2(introduced from xserver 1.3), virtual desktop does not
The "Virtual" Option in xorg.conf is used to set the initial framebuffer
randr1.3 will support virtual desktop again.

This seems to be the issue: Slackware 12 runs randr 1.2.1, so I just have to wait for the next randr version :-).
I'm not interested in a dual head configuration, because I hardly ever use the box (which actually *is* a laptop) at home or at my office, so a dual head would be of almost no use.
I think I'll give 915resolution another try, even if I'm afraid the hardware just can't push to resolutions higher than 1024x768.
At worst I'll just have to wait for randr 1.3, which is not a great problem.

Thank you all for your prompt help.


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