Virtual desktop doesn't work anymore

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Mon Sep 17 10:38:45 PDT 2007

Manuel Ravasio wrote:
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> The another name is panning mode?
> Yes, I think so.
> With randr1.2(introduced from xserver 1.3), virtual desktop does not
> work. 
> The "Virtual" Option in xorg.conf is used to set the initial framebuffer
> size.
> randr1.3 will support virtual desktop again.
> This seems to be the issue: Slackware 12 runs randr 1.2.1, so I just have to wait for the next randr version :-).
> I'm not interested in a dual head configuration, because I hardly ever use the box (which actually *is* a laptop) at home or at my office, so a dual head would be of almost no use.
> I think I'll give 915resolution another try, even if I'm afraid the hardware just can't push to resolutions higher than 1024x768.
> At worst I'll just have to wait for randr 1.3, which is not a great problem.
> Thank you all for your prompt help.

Do you really need to have this virtual desktop/panning mode system? Can
you not manage with the Workspaces provided by e.g. Gnome, KDE or Compiz?

Unless you need to make your windows huge and pan over them I can't see
an advantage to having a big "virtual" desktop size..... but then that's
just my take, I'm sure you'll have good reasons...


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