"nv" driver doesn´t work on 6100 chip

nordico at gmx.net nordico at gmx.net
Tue Sep 18 22:32:45 PDT 2007


my little disclaimer, as I am new to the list: although I am quite expirienced with personal computers I don`t know much about Linux et al.

I`ve got my Gentoo + KDE working with the "vesa" framebuffer driver as well as the "nvidia" binary one. I´d like to use the "nv" driver, but I always get a screen full of pixel-mess when I start X.
- compiled and installed a new kernel with RIVA and NVidia FB support (not as module, but directly)
- installed nv-drivers 2.1.3 through the Gentoo package management.
- updated xorg.conf in /etc/X11 

This setup works well -but slow- when I put "vesa" in the driver-line and gives me the pixel mess with "nv" (pixel mess will be in all Ctrl+Alt+Fx terminals, too)

"devicename" in xorg.conf is "card0". What do I have to put there for a Nvidia 6100-430 integrated chipset? What else could be wrong?

I hope you`ve got enough info to give me a hand. It took me all saturday to get the vesa-driver working and I am out of ideas for "nv".



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