[RFC] Device hierarchy for MPX

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Tue Sep 18 23:37:09 PDT 2007

Le mardi 18 septembre 2007 à 20:24 -0400, Mike Hoye a écrit :
> I'm really interested in multi-user X for shared-workspace purposes,
> and what I'm hoping for is two things:
> - To be able to force a specific keyboard to pair with a mouse, and 
> - to have a keyboard/mouse pair be able to establish ownership
>   of a window.
> In my awesome-future workspace, I drag a window over to my second monitor
> where my friend clicks on it, I lose my keyboard focus on it and he
> takes it over. That's my wish for the 2+ mouse, 2+ keyboard case; I'd
> like to be able to establish those bindings either ahead of time or on
> the fly, too. Also, a pony. 

Exactely the same here (except for the pony, give me a flying car).
A multihead machine, where plugging an input device on a user's monitor
automatically grant's ownership to the right person (HAL magic ?) and
where windows can be shared.

The "SD attached to multiple MDs" thing confuses me though, what's the
use case of that ? Also giving focus to "unowned" keyboards looks
useless, unless the WM knows about them and let them cycle through
windows with an alt-tab-like sequence.


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