[RFC] Device hierarchy for MPX

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at who-t.net
Tue Sep 18 23:55:30 PDT 2007

Mike Hoye wrote:
> - To be able to force a specific keyboard to pair with a mouse, and 

You assign both physical devices to one MD. This essentially gives you 
exactly the same setup you have with your kdb following the mouse.
Multiple MDs then gives you more of these setups.

> - to have a keyboard/mouse pair be able to establish ownership
>   of a window.
You can do that right now with MPX already.

> In my awesome-future workspace, I drag a window over to my second monitor
> where my friend clicks on it, I lose my keyboard focus on it and he
> takes it over. 

This is mostly window manager business, fairly easy done.


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