seemingly random crash on shutdown with Xorg 7.3

Remy Bosch remybosch at
Thu Sep 27 15:34:06 PDT 2007

Remy Bosch wrote:
> dark_mail at wrote:
>> Remy Bosch schrieb:
>>> What version of the xserver are you running?
>>> Here it's 1.4 of xorg 7.3 on gentoo 2007.0
>>> You might need the latest release of the xorg-package.
>>> What distro are you running? Just curious...
>>> I saw no errors, as far as i can tell.
>>> Remy
>> I just tried the latest official intel-drivers (version 2.1.1) from
>> gentoo, and at first it looked fine, I rebooted several times with doing
>> different stuff in between, but after running Neverwinter Nights it hung
>> again when shutting down ... :-(

I think I had something similar when I tried to suspend2ram...
One other side-effect was that the vt's are all black... Can't use them.
Could be related to the crashes when the mode switching doesn't work well.


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