synaptics & RightEdge

Egon Kocjan egon at
Sun Sep 30 11:22:58 PDT 2007


Where does the default number 50xx for RightEdge in synaptics driver come  
from? Is it autodetected or simply hard-coded? On my touchpad, it is  
actually closer to 6000. Interestingly, when I put my finger on the marked  
scroll area on the right, the x value reported by synclient jumps from  
59xx to exactly 8176. Only y changes its value in the scroll area.

Could this be fixed in synaptics driver somehow, so I don't have to edit  
xorg.conf manually?

Also, somehow the driver fails to report scrolling event from time to  
time, if I set the RightEdge value too high. For example, if I set it to  
5973 with synclient, it works ok (scrolling is reported as Button 4 & 5 by  
xev). But when I set it to 5974, the vertical scrolling simply stops  
working, all I got was pefect up-down movement of the pointer  
(MotionNotify event). The next time I logged in, the edge value was  
actually higher, 5985 if I remember correctly, really strange.


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