Fix for Video Tearing on Intel driver???

Alwin Bakkenes alwin at
Sun Sep 30 10:23:51 PDT 2007



Following the help I got on this list, I finally got video playback smooth
at 1080p when using the XV Video Overlay port. However, since I use MythTV
to watch live TV (for which I cannot select the XV Port) and look at
pictures (using OpenGL animations), I still get a lot of video tearing. 


I found this
( thread
explaining the root-cause and some potential issues.


I bought a Gigabyte G33 based motherboard with HDMI to avoid having to add a
heat generating video card in my passively cooled hfx box. Also, I built it
such that I really have to redo the heatpipe layout if I need to add one
( &:).


Does anybody know when the video tearing issue will be addressed for all XV
ports? I guess there are many like me that opt for an intel based board with
built in graphics to build quiet, small HTPCs. Would be great to get this







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