R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Aug 5 11:42:18 PDT 2008

Barry Scott wrote:
> R. G. Newbury wrote:
>>> Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 23:49:45 -0400
>>> From: "R. G. Newbury" <newbury at mandamus.org>
>>> Subject: Re: Xf86-video-intel-2.4.0

>>>>> I am attempting to compile the above version of the Intel driver.

>>>>> i830_display.c: In function 'i830_modeset_ctl':
>>>>> i830_display.c:756: error: 'struct drm_modeset_ctl' has no member 
>>>>> named
>>>>> 'crtc'
>>>>> Is this a bug or just a misconfiguration at my end?
>>>> what distro? if Fedora please get a newer libdrm-devel.

>> yum reports that libdrm and libdrm-devel are both up-to-date at 
>> version 2.3.0. There does not appear to be an update to 2.4 for fedora 
>> 8. Version 2.4 does appear to exist for fedora 9.
>> Doing a git clone for drm and mesa, produces the same compile error as 
>> given above:  'no member named crtc'.... Huh??
>> I don't particularly want to mix repos, but is it possible to download 
>> the fedora 9 source rpm and rebuild on the machine to make a fedora 8 
>> capable rpm which I can install?  I have never tried that and do not 
>> wish to bork my working installation of mythtv, just to test the 
>> latest   intel driver (which is the maze door I came in through).
> I have been building 2.4.0 in f8 without problem. I recall needing to
> install a number -devel type RPMs but did not keep a record of what I 
> added.
> For drm I have:
> libdrm-2.3.0-7.fc8
> libdrm-devel-2.3.0-7.fc8
> For xserver I have:
> xorg-x11-server-sdk-
> xorg-x11-server-utils-7.3-2.fc8
> xorg-x11-server-Xorg-
> Barry

Thanks Bsrry. Those are the exact versions of libdrm and -devel which I 
have on the box.
I will check the xorg-X11-server versions.... although I suspect that 
they are the same ones too....which would lead to the "what's going on 
here" question again...


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