Window Transparency without Compositing Manager

Daniel Stone daniel at
Thu Aug 7 06:48:15 PDT 2008

On Thu, Aug 07, 2008 at 03:40:38PM +0200, saad shams wrote:
> Yes, without ANY composition manager (including xcompmgr). I was trying to
> get an overview from the code in xcompmgr that what is it doing. But still
> in the middle of it....

Why are you trying to avoid using a composition manager? You need one.

> So, one thing is sure from you that using XShape, translucency cannot be
> achieved.


> I have read somewhere on the net that I can achieve alpha-transparency (aka
> translucency) by using
> - XGetImage > Blend Source & Destination > XPutImage

Not really.  You can't alpha blend with windows under you because the
contents of occluded areas are undefined.  In other words, if you have
two windows, #1 and #2, and #1 is on top and covering the left half of
#2, XGetImage on #2 will return the right half correctly in the right
half, but just garbage for the left half.

> or
> - XImage + mask (i havnt made the mask yet, but i will try if time !!!)

Yes, but you still need a composition manager.

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