Parent Handle of a Video Sub-Window

saad shams saad.shams at
Fri Aug 8 02:03:56 PDT 2008

I need to get the Window Id of the browser in case of playing a mediaplayer
(vlc) as plugin OR the window id of vlc-player in case I am playing video as
in normal player. The code to get the IDs (root,children,parent) depends on
the location of function call XQueryTree()....I have also tried getting
rootwindowID but always gives BadWindow error. I dont know where I can get
the appropriate information .......I dont know whats wrong with getting
parent-id of player/browser after video goes into fullscreen ....but i am
not sure yet....

Is there any other way I can get the WindowId of the parent of fullscreen
video window ???

thanks & regards
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