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Kevin fossks at cox.net
Fri Aug 8 15:32:04 PDT 2008

Would a module compiled under 4.3.99 work under xorg 7.2?  How would I  
go about getting a version that works under 7.3?

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On Aug 8, 2008, at 2:36 PM, Alan Coopersmith  
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> fossks at cox.net wrote:
>> I apologize for asking such as basic question but could someone  
>> clarify the version numbering system used within Xorg.
>> I've been the Xorg website where it states that 7.3 is the current  
>> version.  I've ran across a number of sites where they are using  
>> numbers now like 1.4.2,, 1.3, etc.   It doesn't seem to  
>> match.
> 7.3 is the current version of the X Window System, aka X11R7.3.
> One of the components of the X11R7.3 release is the xserver 1.4
> package, which includes the Xorg server.
> Other components of the 7.3 release of the window system include
> libraries like libX11 & libXext, and programs like xhost & xclock,
> each of which has it's own version number, since they're also
> released separately (and many are not upgraded in each window system
> release, since they change so rarely).
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