Question about old radeon driver

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Mon Aug 18 15:58:59 PDT 2008

Greetings all;

I asked this 2 or 3 weeks ago and don't recall if the answer was very 
promising or not. I think what I got was that there wouldn't be any huge 
improvements in the radeon driver for RV280 based cards.

I have a 9200SE card that works at a medium speed, and it is as stable as a 
large rock running the radeon driver, auto selected by using the aty setting 
in my xorg.conf file.

However, it will not run Google's Sketchup under wine-1.0 as all 'workspace' 
in the sketchup screen is apparently random memory in the cards on-board 256 
meg workspace buffer.  You can see an example of the problem at 


This is, as far as I know, the only program that has a problem.

I even bought a X1650 Pro AGP card, thinking that would call in the newer 
driver and it would work.  Unforch, with that card on this motherboard, the 
box will not even post.  The motherboard claims 8x AGP support, and the card 
claims to be an 8x AGP, but they don't speak the same language.  Here is the 
odd thing though, this X1650 Pro AGP card does not have a 1.5 volt keyslot in 
its edge pattern, and neither does the motherboard, only a 3.3 volt 
keyblocker is present, but the only 3 cards in my menagerie that work, all 
have the 1.5 volt keyslot in the edge pattern along with the 3.3 volt marker 
slot.  Apparently a card without it won't post.

An ugly thought..  Do I have to go into the bios and see if I can raise the 
AGP voltage setting to 3.3 volts, (its currently set to 1.5, I checked it 
earlier today) probably blowing this 9200SE card all to hell, in order to run 
that X1650 Pro?  That does not seem to make sense.

No one I've called has a clue why this X1650 Pro won't even post & the vendor 
is being difficult, saying I should have known better so they are going to 
charge me a restocking fee of 15%.  FWIW it works perfectly when plugged into 
an intel motherboard in a 4 year old IBM box.

Can anyone suggest an r5xx based AGP card that will run in this box?  One that 
is still available?

I would very much like to get googles sketchup to run so that I can run up 
some drawings on a garage that is about 75% built here at the Old Fart 
Ranchette.  The tax man would probably like to see something eventually.

Thanks for any help achieving this.

Cheers, Gene
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