Question about old radeon driver

Nicolai Hähnle nhaehnle at
Tue Aug 19 00:28:25 PDT 2008

Am Dienstag 19 August 2008 00:58:59 schrieb Gene Heskett:
> Greetings all;
> I asked this 2 or 3 weeks ago and don't recall if the answer was very
> promising or not. I think what I got was that there wouldn't be any huge
> improvements in the radeon driver for RV280 based cards.
> I have a 9200SE card that works at a medium speed, and it is as stable as a
> large rock running the radeon driver, auto selected by using the aty
> setting in my xorg.conf file.
> However, it will not run Google's Sketchup under wine-1.0 as all
> 'workspace' in the sketchup screen is apparently random memory in the cards
> on-board 256 meg workspace buffer.  You can see an example of the problem
> at
> <>

This is a known bug. If I recall correctly, Wine uses rendering to GLXPixmaps 
in this situation and we fail at that.

This also implies that it fails for *all* Radeon cards (including r5xx based 
ones), so don't get your hopes up. As for what the actual problem is with 
your X1650 Pro, I have no clue.


> This is, as far as I know, the only program that has a problem.
> I even bought a X1650 Pro AGP card, thinking that would call in the newer
> driver and it would work.  Unforch, with that card on this motherboard, the
> box will not even post.  The motherboard claims 8x AGP support, and the
> card claims to be an 8x AGP, but they don't speak the same language.  Here
> is the odd thing though, this X1650 Pro AGP card does not have a 1.5 volt
> keyslot in its edge pattern, and neither does the motherboard, only a 3.3
> volt keyblocker is present, but the only 3 cards in my menagerie that work,
> all have the 1.5 volt keyslot in the edge pattern along with the 3.3 volt
> marker slot.  Apparently a card without it won't post.
> An ugly thought..  Do I have to go into the bios and see if I can raise the
> AGP voltage setting to 3.3 volts, (its currently set to 1.5, I checked it
> earlier today) probably blowing this 9200SE card all to hell, in order to
> run that X1650 Pro?  That does not seem to make sense.
> No one I've called has a clue why this X1650 Pro won't even post & the
> vendor is being difficult, saying I should have known better so they are
> going to charge me a restocking fee of 15%.  FWIW it works perfectly when
> plugged into an intel motherboard in a 4 year old IBM box.
> Can anyone suggest an r5xx based AGP card that will run in this box?  One
> that is still available?
> I would very much like to get googles sketchup to run so that I can run up
> some drawings on a garage that is about 75% built here at the Old Fart
> Ranchette.  The tax man would probably like to see something eventually.
> Thanks for any help achieving this.

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