Intel X3100 with Compiz and Video (EXA / TTM etc.)

Thomas Fritzsche tf at
Mon Feb 4 02:50:52 PST 2008

Hi Guys,

I try to find a solution the issues described in
As XAA + XV doesn't work i965 got backlisted by compiz. (something
with overlay?)
Solution: EXA + TTM??

I know it's a "User" question, but could not find an information somewhere else:
What is the status?

Only available solution seems to be using EXA but I come along several
post indicating large performance problems, especially in glyph

The first blog post from indicate this can be solved with TTM?
Here an initial post:

I'm not sure what exactly it is but I found:
(in current mm-kernel)
What is the status of this? The performance problems are solved?
Is there somewhere an instruction on how to get this scenario running?
Is this somehow a "usable" solution already, or should I disable XV
output and go with XAA?


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