recent i965 bugs

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Tue Feb 5 00:53:32 PST 2008

2008/2/4, Richard Goedeken <SirRichard at>:
> Yesterday I did some more testing on my platform.  I disabled AIGLX just to see
> what would happen, and I did encounter the error: "upload_depthbuffer: Assertion
> `0' failed." when running glxgears.

It's good to know it can be reproduced.

> Before a few days ago, I always saw the "Unable to initialize TTM buffer
> manager" message when running an OpenGL program.  Then at some point in my
> building/testing process, this message went away and a couple of other behaviors
> also changed.

I just figured out that I had an old pkgconfig file libdrm.pc, which
reported version 2.3.0 - this in turn disabled DRI_MM when running
configure in the intel ddx driver directory. I only found out this
while trying a debug patch and wondered why it (inside DRI_MM ifdef)
didn't display anything.

After fixing the libdrm.pc and rebuilding intel driver, I got TTM working.

> I haven't tried doing anything with Compiz in a few months - I figured that if I
> can't get normal OpenGL programs running flawlessly then there's no point in
> playing with Compiz.  It did sort-of work with the original Fedora 8 drivers,
> but it wasn't stable.

Yeah, TTM didn't help with getting Compiz to work, and it did not
remove the error message when running with AIGLX disabled. But it did
help on that other problem so that the one problematic commit does not
need to be reverted anymore, ie. glxgears is fully drawn in any window
size, as are other 3D applications which happen to work.

Getting TTM to work is fine, though I'd have hoped it'd have fixed
more problems :)


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