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Drew Parsons dparsons at
Sun Feb 10 23:38:21 PST 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-11 at 10:44 +0400, Gayane A. Amatuni wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
>      I've installed Debian 3.0 with kernel  version 2.4 on my PC with a
> mother board P5GC-MX/1333 and on board video card Integrated Intel
> Graphics Media Accelerator 950, Intel 945GC chipset. Unfortunately I
> failed to configure the X servervia xfree86-v4.0, because the chipset is 
> unknown. 
> I also failed to compile the driver included in the board CD. Can you
> help me and send the compiled driver packages for my linux version, for
> example as a .deb, or .rpm, or give  me a hint how can I solve this 
> problem.

Hi Gayane, 

Debian 3.0 ("woody") is a rather old version of Debian released in 2002.
Its X version was XFree86 4.1.

Support for intel 945 was not added till May 2005 and appeared in Xorg
versions X11R6.9/X11R7.

The current stable version of Debian is 4.0 ("etch"), which contains
Xorg X11R7.1 (with intel driver 1.7.2).  

Are you able to get a copy of Debian etch?  You should have much better
success with it.

Alternatively if you have good access to the internet, you could try a
prerelease of the next stable version of Debian currently under testing,
(called the "testing" version with codename "lenny"). It currently has
intel driver 2.1.0.

If you're not able to upgrade your version  of Debian, then use the vesa
driver instead, which should work but won't support all the accelerated
features of your cards (3D games will run slow but normal applications
will be okay).


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