Poor compositing performance on 965Q chipset with intel 2.2.1 driver

Simon Farnsworth simon.farnsworth at onelan.co.uk
Thu May 8 09:30:03 PDT 2008

Simon Farnsworth wrote:
> We're seeing poor compositing performance on 965Q chipset systems, but 
> not Q35 or 945 based systems; until we got the Q35, we'd assumed that 
> this was caused by the synchronous compositing bugs that Carl Worth 
> diagnosed, as the symptom is Xorg taking 100% CPU.
> Oprofile shows that on the 965Q (but not the Q35 or the 945), Xorg 
> spends most of its time in malloc.
Sorry, brain-fade - memcpy, not malloc.

> Is this a known issue, and if so, are people working on fixing it? We've 
> got plenty of hardware on which we can reproduce this as needed, and 
> test fixes.
And just for reference, we're running the 2.2.1 driver.
Simon Farnsworth

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