getting desired resolution in xorg 7.3

Alek Uritsky auritsky at
Thu May 8 10:09:55 PDT 2008



 I am trying to find the way of altering resolution with new Xorg 7.3

Here is my situation:

Installed Fedora 8 shows the following resolutions are available







I need 1280x720 or at least 1280x768


My xorg.conf file is quite simple letting xorg do all configuration by itself (using intel driver) 

I tried Modes "1280x720" (and "1280x768") in Screen section

At best the screen shows 1280x960, at worst switches to 1920x1200


Adding Vrtual size' line with 1280 720 or 1280 768 did not help.


I also tried to add Modeline into Monitor section calculating Modeline from here   

did not help either.

(Maybe i did not try enough variations?)


What would be the way for me to get the desired resolution?


thnx a lot
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