sharevts and novtswitch

Martin Metzker martinmetzker at
Wed May 14 03:24:49 PDT 2008

The version of my Xorg? Well, it's sort of hard to tell for me, because I use Gentoo, so I never installed a certain Xorg version just a lot of packages. But, since your problem talks about server 1.5, I can be fairly sure my Xorg is not that recent. I'm using xorg-server-1.3.0 and from what I can tell I should be on Xorg 7.2.


Tiago Vignatti schrieb:
> Martin Metzker escreveu:
>> Hello world!
>> Is there any good documentation on the options -sharevts and 
>> -novtswitch out there? I understand these are used for multiseat 
>> setups (I once had such a setup myself) but who should I ask if 
>> something doesn't work?
> What's the version of your Xorg, Martin? If it's something > 7.3 then 
> you will probably face the same problem which I described some minutes ago:
> Thank you,

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