sharevts and novtswitch

Martin Metzker martinmetzker at
Fri May 9 08:20:04 PDT 2008

Eugene schrieb:
> On Thursday 08 May 2008 20:56:24 Martin Metzker wrote:
>> Hello world!
>> Is there any good documentation on the options -sharevts and -novtswitch
>> out there? I understand these are used for multiseat setups (I once had
>> such a setup myself) but who should I ask if something doesn't work?
> I don't know who is in charge for that option but I can assume I have 
> multiseat working.
> these options should be used in kdm (the greeter of kde) or gdm or xdm.
> OK. While setting configuration you have to:
> 1. Check is your layouts working. Start X with X -layout Seat0 check if mouse 
> reacts and display shows crossection (the mouse pointer). Kill it and start 
> the second layout X -layout Seat1. Now you know your X layouts is fine

done. seat0 and seat1 work by themselves, they even work if i do this
xinit -- -layout Seat0 :0
xinit -- -layout Seat1 :1

But as soon as -sharevts is added I run into the described problem.

> 2. Make a symlink on X $ ln -s X X0 ;  ln -s X X1
> 3. start X while being user1 like that: 
> $ sleep 60 && X0 -layout Seat0 -novtswitch -sharevts
> but before that while being in root console run the command $ sleep 120 && 
> killall X0 ; killall X1
> after starting X0 (not starting but running $ sleep 60 && X0 -layout Seat0 , 
> 60 seconds in enough to run X1) start X1 while being the user2 with 
> $ X1 -layout Seat1 -novtswitch -sharevts

well, rather compicated, but I did that, hoping it would give me new and other results. same results. screwed up keyboard when using evdev driver and said settings, no keyboard at all when using keyboard driver.


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