MPX and multitouch

Jordi Polo mumismo at
Fri May 9 17:20:11 PDT 2008

I am interested in bringing multitouch to normal applications, obvious
examples are multitouch gestures for copy, paste, the famous zoom, etc.
As I am mostly a KDE guy,  I planned to create new Qt Events from
multitouch. They will add to the current QKeyEvent QMouseMoveEvent, etc.

AFAIK, MPX multi-mouse, multi-keyboard can not be used for multitouch
gestures (a gesture is what you do in iphone touch  or mac air for zooming,
etc.). At least the youtube demos I've seen so far do not use it like that.
Gestures basically links the cursors together, so the user has no different
cursors but one cursor doing multiple things at the same time. I wonder if
gestures can be create above MPX mouse events and forwarded to apps (X
should be the best place for this also).

Basically I was planning using a multitouch library (touchlib) that already
gives events using the TUIO protocol and create QEvents based on those.
If it can be done with MPX in a more standard way, we may try that instead.

Jordi Polo Carres
NLP laboratory - NAIST
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