Problems with a trackball...

Peter Hutterer peter at
Mon May 19 21:43:20 PDT 2008

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 12:02:50PM -0500, Dan A. Dickey wrote:
> I have a trackball that is not working the way that I'm expecting it to.
> When I roll the boll, I get ButtonPress & ButtonRelease events -
> 4/5 for up/down, and 6/7 for left to right.

looks like for some reason your axes are mapped to the vert/horiz scroll
> However - the pointer does not move.  And I'm expecting it to do so.
> How do I get it to move?
> I'm using the evdev 1.2.0 driver, but I don't think that is the
> problem.

Can you please open a bug on and attach your Xorg.0.log
and your xorg.conf?
If you're using evdev, it might just be that the axes are parsed in a wrong
manner. Trying evdev 2.0 from git might be a good idea here.


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