Problems with a trackball...

Dan A. Dickey dan.dickey at
Tue May 20 09:11:36 PDT 2008

Sorry for the false alarm all.

It was a simple case of OE - Operator Error.  Me.

I'm not advertising now, but this is the trackball I have:
It's called a "SlimBlade Trackball Mouse" by Kensington.
It is a bluetooth mouse, which I needed because the
wireless ones I tried don't have the range I need from my
home theater box to the couch in the room.
This one fits my needs perfectly, but unfortunately is the
only one on the market that I could find.  If anyone else
knows of bluetooth trackballs - please let me know!
This one is pretty expensive.

It has two modes:  mouse and trackball.
I mistakenly had it in "mouse" mode - where the little ball
makes a slight clicking noise when you roll it.  I thought this
meant the ball was active.  It doesn't.  The noise I guess is
supposed to be sort of like the clicking on scroll wheels for
regular mice.  You need to double click the "change mode"
button to get it to the other mode - the one where rolling the
ball is silent.  *Then* it works great!

This is with an un-modified git version of evdev and no
pointer/mouse entries in xorg.conf.  Works fantastic!
I'm very pleased with this version of evdev and how easy
it all was.  It took me a while to understand how everything
needs to be setup, but now I'm a very happy camper.  :)

Dan A. Dickey
dan.dickey at

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