Subject: EXA and MigrationHeuristic

Bridgman, John John.Bridgman at
Wed May 28 12:41:32 PDT 2008

>>After my recent adventures with Radeon, XAA and EXA, I've come to the
conclusion that setting MigrationHeuristic to greedy drastically helps
performance of Firefox redraws on both Radeon and i965GM hardware.
<snip> Isn't the default value of MigrationHeuristic incorrect ?  Should
we switch to greedy as default ?  (Julien tells me that he believes that
Ubuntu have already made the switch.)

My understanding was that with the latest server code the migration
heuristic was no longer required, at least not with radeon. Alex
mentioned in a recent blog post that it was really just a workaround
required with older server and driver code.

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