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> Hello Everybody
> I am new into Linux, after been so disappointed with Windows Vista and I want to try to replace my 
> Windows with PCLinuxOS 2007. I use to have a dual screen in Windows and that is what I am looking to
> archive with PCLinux OS, but it has not been easy.
> I bough a Compaq Presario C700 that uses the Intel GMA X3100 graphic card which is included with the
> 965 chip set.  My laptop is currently using the VESA generic drive, I guess that my first step should be toward
> making my computer use the correct drive. 
> Could you please point me to:
> A) What drive do I need to install?
> B) where can I download it?
> C) How can I install it?.
> I am confused because I read I need the X11-driver-video-i810 , but I also read that it was included with the Xorg drivers. I also read that the driver
> I need is the X11-driver-video-Intel.
> When I try to download and install the Intel 965 chipset video driver that comes with the software, I get an error saying "Could not install
> the X11-driver-video-i810 package.  Package X11-driver-video-i810 has not available version, but exist in the database. This typically means that
> the package was mentioned in a dependency and never uploaded, has been obsolete or is not available with the contents of the sources.list however the
> following packages replace it: X11-driver-video-Intel  
> E: Package X11-driver-video-i810 has no installation candidate"
> I found the package X11-driver-video-i810-1.6.5-4pclos2007.i586.rpm but when I try to install it i get that it conflicts with X11-driver-video-intel-2.1.1-6pclos2008.
> All I want to do is to have my dual screen but I figure out I need the right driver before i get to it, when I plug in my external monitor
> it only detects one screen and I get the same info in that screen as I get in the laptop screen.
> Please help
> Thank you in advance

The i810 driver is obselete and has been replaced by the intel driver. 
Try installing the intel driver. The last update to the i810 driver was 
in January 2007, while intel driver 2.3.1 is dated May 11, 2008.

You may already have the intel driver on your machine. Try using the 
system display configuration utility to change the driver to 'intel'. If 
that does not seem to work, revise your xorg.conf file to specify the 
'intel' driver instead of 'i810' (or vesa, or whatever).

Dual screen seems to be a configuration issue for some people and not 
for others. I suspect that that depends on the exact hardware used in 
the laptop.

If PCLinuxOS does not have an installed driver or available rpm you may 
have to download the driver source tarball from 
http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/driver/ and compile it.


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