LBX? or faster remote X?

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Tue Nov 4 10:37:43 PST 2008

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I don't see lbxproxy listed in the 7.4 release. But it is in 7.3. 
> What is its status?


> I found docs online about LBX, but most are very old.
> xdpyinfo doesn't show any LBX extension for me (but I read online that 
> recent X servers include it by default).

Out of date docs - the LBX extension was removed from Xorg-server 1.2
(X11R7.2) and later.

> Any alternatives?

Keith & Jim's 2003 Usenix paper suggests ssh with compression beats LBX
in most cases:

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