how to set CFLAGS variable for compiling Xorg

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 5 07:12:48 PST 2008

Peter Breitenlohner wrote:
> the very same thing has also proposed by Paulo and we discussed it.  First
> one would, however, need some sort of agreement how exactly to proceed. 
> Then this (and maybe the rule to regenerate ChangeLog) should indeed go into
> xorg-macros.m4 V >= 1.1.7, but unless we can get such an animal quickly (say
> within <= approx. 1 week), we need an interim solution.

The gcc warning macros should be easy to include in xorg-macros.m4, but I'm not
sure what you can put there for the ChangeLog rule, except maybe a standard test
for git log vs. git-log - I never found a way to put *.am fragments in a macro
file like we can do with fragments, or a lot of the man page rules
replicated across all our modules would be in one.

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