how to set CFLAGS variable for compiling Xorg

Peter Breitenlohner peb at
Wed Nov 5 07:58:41 PST 2008

On Wed, 5 Nov 2008, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> The gcc warning macros should be easy to include in xorg-macros.m4, but I'm not
> sure what you can put there for the ChangeLog rule, except maybe a standard test
> for git log vs. git-log

Hi Alan,

I don't think such a test is needed. 'git CMD' is supported for quite some
time.  It's just the manpages that are called 'git-CMD.1' and many of them
refer to 'git-CMD' (ought to be updated).

In git- I found:
>> - 'git cvsserver' was new invention in v1.3.0;
don't know when v1.3.0 was released, but that must be quite some ago.

> I never found a way to put *.am fragments in a macro
> file like we can do with fragments, or a lot of the man page rules
> replicated across all our modules would be in one.

Actually, that is possible with sufficiently recent Automake/Autoconf.  One
has to use multiline AC_SUBST's, and avoid to have 'FOO = @FOO@' in That was recently discussed on the Automake list. What I don't
know is, if that interferes with rules automatically generated by Automake.


However, what I had in made was rather simple minded, e.g.,

in xorg-macros.m4:

# --------------------
# Minimum version: 1.2.0
# Defines the variable CHANGELOG_CMD as the command to generate
# ChangeLog from git.



and in the top-level



That way the details of the command would be at one central place, much easier
to maintain.


Peter Breitenlohner <peb at>

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