Memory usage problems with on ProSavage DDR

John Tapsell johnflux at
Sat Nov 8 11:16:51 PST 2008


  Could you run

sudo pmap -d pidofxorg

  and paste the result please?



2008/11/8 milnser43200 at <milnser43200 at>:
> I am using on a s3 Prosavage video adapter, using video driver savage. I have been having significant problems with the vast amounts of memory that are being consumed, living very little space left for other applications. For instance, here is the readout from top that shows what i am talking about:
>   1  96    0   302M 20304K select  24.0H  3.61% Xorg
> This is really a huge problem has a have a limited amount of memory and disk space and because of this massive amount of memory consumed, other applications are running out of memory and crashing.
> I know should probably not be using this much memory and there is a bug somewhere in the software that is doing this. If you need any logs or anything please ask.
> Thank you.
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